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Whether you are freezing behind a gabion at Sebastopol, or freezing behind a gabion at Petersburg, this is the greatest greatcoat for you! This is a faithful reproduction of an S. Isaac & Campbell great coat that saw service throughout the 1850s and 1860s in the British Army, and was also imported by the thousands by the Confederacy.


“The [Confederate] prisoners here taken were better clothed than any we had before seen; all were provided with overcoats and jackets of much better material than our own.  They were of English manufacture, a much darker blue than the U.S. and they furnished conclusive evidence of successful blockade running.”

Dec. 1863 - Frank Rauscher, Band Leader, 114th Pennsylvania, Collis’ Zouaves


We offer this coat with Scipt “I” Infantry buttons, as they were imported to the Confederacy, or we can apply any of our other available buttons: 44th Foot or Florida. The coat is constructed of dark gray-blue wool, lined in off-white canvas. Standing collar. One interior pocket, two exterior pockets. Five buttons on the coat, two on the cape. It has an adjustment strap on the back, which is also used to roll the coat for use on the knapsack. Machine sewn. Brush/steam or dry clean only.


* Crimean War - there were many different patterns of great coats in use during the Crimean War. The popular infantry greatcoat at the time had the smaller capelet and was constructed of a lighter weight wool. A greatcoat like this may have been referred to as a watch cloak by the infantry, but many sources refer to coats like these as “greatcoats.” This coat is also suitable for private purchase and/or officer greatcoats in the infantry, cavalry, and artillery.



British Army / Confederate Great Coat - 1863 Pattern, S. Isaac & Campbell

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